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Laser Pain Relief Center

Dr. Gary J. Cebek, D.C.

New Non-Surgical Treatment for CHRONIC  KNEE PAIN

   "Clinically proven HIGH TECH Solutions with LASER THERAPY!"

*Arthritic Knees  *Bone on Bone Pain *Hurts to Walk  *Limping  *Painful Steps

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Laser Disc Therapy


Back surgery is a serious decision for those who deal with chronic back and neck pain.  Invasive and requiring extensive rehabilitation, back surgery should be a last resort when other alternative treatments fail to bring relief.  Back surgery is not a guaranteed fix for what ails you, and many factors contribute to routine failure of back surgery to correct back problems.  All too often, follow-up surgeries are required when back surgery fails to fix the unhealthy disc.  When it comes to back surgery, seeking a second opinion evaluation before resorting to surgery might prove to be the smartest decision you have ever made.


Surgeries often fail to fix the problem!

There are many reasons why back surgeries are often unsuccessful or have disappointing results.  Often, surgeons are operating on muscles and vertebrae that have been injured or otherwise damaged.  Scarring on the nerves, joints and tissue can lead to complications that are out of the surgeon’s hands.  In some cases, spinal fusion surgeries, which lock up a portion of the spine, are successful in eliminating pain from an injury, but lead to future aches and pains in other areas of the back because of the fusion surgery itself!  The health of the patient can also influence the outcome of back surgery, and recent research indicates that smoking puts patients at high risk for unsuccessful back surgery.[1] 

Back surgery failure is so common that it has been termed Failed Back Surgery Syndrome, or FBSS.  Statistics show that nearly 40% of back surgeries fail![2]  Back surgery is always a risky procedure with unreliable outcomes.  No matter how skilled or experienced a surgeon is, each case presents its own unique problems that may lead to less than stellar results. 


How is LASER DISC THERAPY different than other treatments available?

LASER DISC THERAPY helps to reduce inflammation and increase blood circulation to help encourage the proper healing to the disc, spinal joint and nerve.  This can significantly reduce or eliminate your pain and dramatically improve your quality of life!

Can LASER DISC THERAPY relieve my pain or help me avoid back surgery?

Our treatment center is one of the only in the Pittsburgh area to utilize a therapeutic high power 12 Watt Laser therapy and Spinal Decompression treatment to maximize your clinical response. Our treatment is safe, effective and painless without side effects or recovery time...EVEN WHEN DRUGS , INJECTIONS , CHIROPRACTIC, PHYSICAL THERAPY AND SURGERY HAVE FAILED!

Our goal is to help patients enjoy active, pain-free lives by caring for the spine with conservative non-surgical care.  Dr. Cebek encourages anyone considering back surgery to take the time to investigate the proven relief of LASER DISC THERAPY as an alternative to risky and painful surgery. The Laser Pain Relief Center is changing lives. Back and neck pain patients owe it to themselves to learn more!

You won’t know if everything has been done unless you experience the results of  LASER  DISC THERAPY! Finally, a NEW ALTERNATIVE MEDICAL TREATMENT is available to possibly help you to avoid surgery, reduce or eliminate your pain and most importantly....GET YOUR LIFE BACK! 

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[2] http://www.virtualmedicalcentre.com/diseases.asp?did=898&title=Failed-Back-Surgery-Syndrome-(FBSS)

Murrysville Laser Pain Relief Center specializing in chiropractic care. Dr. Gary Cebek is a well-trained Murrysville Laser Pain Relief Center specializing in chiropractic care.